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Dateiname: ampop140.lha (112,455 bytes)
Veröffentlicht: 18. Juli 1999, 9,413 downloads
Kategorie: AmigaOS (68k)

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Short   : Sending/recieving of WinPopUp Messages
Author  : Sascha Pfalz (siegel@siegel.in-berlin.de)
Uploader: Sascha Pfalz (siegel@siegel.in-berlin.de)
Type    : comm/misc
Kurz    : Senden/Empfangen v. WinPopUp Nachrichten
Requires: MUI 3.6+, OS 3.x, Samba, TCP/IP, TextInput.mcc, InfoText.mcc
Version : 1.40
Replaces: comm/misc/ampop134.lha

AMIPopUp allows to send and recieve WinPopUp Mails via
a network. It supports all the features of WinPopUp including
some additional features the "original" misses.

Requires a working Samba Installation !!!

V1.40 has now arexx support, comes with an italian translation and
has also hopefully the exec-trashing bug fixed.