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Dateiname: fmt132.lha (209,250 bytes)
Veröffentlicht: 06. Februar 2000, 9,530 downloads
Kategorie: AmigaOS (68k)

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Short   : Multi-Top V1.32 - Bull Creator for FAME
Author  : Sascha Pfalz (siegel@siegel.in-berlin.de)
Uploader: Sascha Pfalz (siegel@siegel.in-berlin.de)
Type    : comm/bbs
Requires: OS 3.x, FAME, FAME.library V5+
Version : 1.32
Replaces: fmt12.lha

Multi-Top is a Bulletin Creator for the FAME BBS System. It is able to
create 14 different Bulls in one run. It supports 64-Bit Up-/Download
countings for every user and also for the total system statistics.

V1.32 has now support for freely configurable output designs. 

Many examples included (Big thanks to Z-BOY for converting them into
Multi-Top format!)

This Program is FreeWare.