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Dateiname: trsi-mp3ext13.lha (12,387 bytes)
Veröffentlicht: 30. Mai 2003, 9,320 downloads
Kategorie: AmigaOS (68k)

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Short:    MP3 Info Viewer + FileID creator
Uploader: siegel@trsi.org (Sascha Pfalz)
Author:   siegel@trsi.org (Sascha Pfalz)
Type:     util/cli
Replaces: mp3ext12.lha

This is a FileID Builder for mailbox systems like FAME. It allows to read all
MP3 infos from within the MP3 files and creates a FileId for it. It maybe also
used as Info tool in a CLI.

V1.2 supports now all 147 currently known Genretypes and allows to change
the output design to your own choice.

V1.3 is a bug-fixed release, now VBR encoded MP3 files are read correctly and
illegal MP3 files are now recognized correctly, too. So there should be no more
hangs when i.e. you supply a file containing zero-bytes.

MP3Extract is Freeware.