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Dateiname: SFV-Creator02.lha (10,887 bytes)
Veröffentlicht: 07. Mai 2005, 8,845 downloads
Kategorie: AmigaOS 4.x (PPC)

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Short   : SFV-Creator for AmigaOS 4+
Author  : Sascha 'SieGeL' Pfalz (amigaone@saschapfalz.de)
Uploader: Sascha 'SieGeL' Pfalz (amigaone@saschapfalz.de)
Type    : util/misc
Kurz    : SFV-Creator f�r AmigaOS 4+
Requires: AmigaOS4
Version : 0.2

This tool creates SFV files (Simple File Verifier) on a given list of files
or directories. All given directories are recursively scanned and added to
the list of processed files.

This tool is freeware.