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Released: 24th June 2005, 10,954 downloads
Category: PHP

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Short   : Seti@Home Statistics Page in PHP 4
Author  : Sascha 'SieGeL' Pfalz (
Uploader: Sascha 'SieGeL' Pfalz (
Type    : comm/misc
Kurz    : Seti@Home Statistik Seite in PHP 4
Requires: PHP 4.0.x
Version : 0.35

P-Stats is a seti@home statistics viewer written in PHP4.
It summaries all important seti@home statistics pages in one page.

It's of course freeware, do what you want with it.

V0.35 only changes the server addresses to the new location, nothing
else is changed.

V0.34 is a bugfix release. Thanks to Poison and C. Hering for
reports (see history for details).

V0.33 is a bit greater bug fix according to team related infos.
Thanks to Merlin & Mike Bader for reporting these hidden bugs!

V0.32 is a small bug-fix for users with more than 100000 wu's :)

V0.31 fixes many outstanding bugs, adds a lot of user requests
and brings also native support for PHP-Nuke support without having
to use the 'Matthias Erker Fake Version' :(

V0.30 is a major rewrite, it uses now the XML files to construct
the statistics instead of parsing the Website. Also made some
code improvements.

V0.27 is a bugfix release and includes now italian as new language.

V0.26 adds translation for polish, dutch and spanish and brings
some improvements in both statistic pages.

V0.25 adds translation for france & danish and also introduces
a new page to show the Seti@Home Total Stats. Also several bugs

V0.24 is a bug-fixed release, no new features added.

V0.23 adds support for new seti@home url's to retrieve the statistics
and brings another translation, this time in spanish. Also the
member list rendering is corrected.

V0.22 adds translation for german/english and realtime stats for
the team listing (URL changed).

V0.21 adds support for seti's medals, they will be 
displayed now instead of broken links.


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