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Released: 04th May 2008, 6,898 downloads
Category: Misc. Files

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Short   : Backupscript for directories and Databases
Author  : Sascha 'SieGeL' Pfalz (
Uploader: Sascha 'SieGeL' Pfalz (
Type    : comm/misc
Kurz    : Backupskript f�r Directories und Datenbanken
Requires: Perl 5.61+
Version : 0.40

SGLBackup is a small perlscript that is able to backup directories or
MySQL and Oracle databases.
This script was mainly programmed for my private purposes to have an easy
and fully automatic process to backup my own created Websites and databases.
Development was always focused to have less work as possible with the whole
backup process, the only thing I have to do manually is burning the backups
on CDs every weekend.

V0.39 fixes some bugs and introduces support for wildcards.

V0.40 fixes some small bugs and adds support for additional mysqldump options.