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Install a Filesystem cache for FFS Partitions
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To increase the access speed when using FFS formatted partitions, one can use the supplied ffs_plugin_cache tool as filesystem cache. You can find the Tool under


and it can be used like this (as example):

Sys:Tools/FastFileSystem/fs_plugin_cache DH0: CACHESIZE=10000

This call adds a Filesystem cache with 10MB in size to the partition DH0: (the cachesize has to be given in KB). If you want to use the cache at every system boot you should enter the according command to your user-startup file:

Run >NIL: Sys:Tools/FastFileSystem/fs_plugin_cache DH0: CACHESIZE=10000 QUIET

The parameter QUIET supresses all screen output. You can clone this call for every FFS formatted partition you want to have a cache for, assuming that you have enough RAM available :)

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