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Some infos about U-Boot
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U-Boot is the "Bios" of AmigaOne. You can reach the menu of U-Boot by interrupting the boot process when the boot counter shows. Here are some general infos about U-Boot:

- The current version of U-Boot is V1.0.0 released on 22-December 2003. Users of older versions should update their U-Boot ASAP as there are many bugs fixed now!

- As my A1 lacks a Floppy drive I always burn my own Flash Update CD via my Windows system and Nero 5.5. This works fine, all you need to do is to download the imagefile, start Nero, select menuentry 'File->Burn Image...' and burn the CD. After burning is done put this CD into your A1, reboot it and interrupt the boot process. Now check if U-Boot was able to detect your new CD, it should show a capacity of 0.9MB more or less. If this is not the case you have to reset the ide bus to rescan it:


]: ide reset

Now the Flash updater CD should be shown with correct size. Now just start the Flash Updater by entering the following on your U-Boot prompt (Example uses CD ROM as Master on 2nd channel):


]: diskboot 500000 2:0

This will start the Flash Updater. If you get however only the info which command was started and loaded to which address from u-boot and returning back to the prompt, you must enable the autostart variable by setting:


]: set autostart yes

Now enter again the diskboot command and it should now start the installer.

The rest of the process is guided through online-help, so please read carefully what the program prints out! However older A1 systems like mine where equipped with a write-protected EEPROM and cannot be updated via the Flash Updater Tool, it just stops with an error message and reset itself after 5 seconds.
If this is the case you need to exchange the protected chip against an unprotected version. This can be done either by your dealer or by yourself in case you have the ability to do it.

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