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   | New release: db_mysqli 1.0.1

This update includes one change: The class is moved to new namespace "spfalz" to be composer compatible. You can now install this class via composer by calling "composer require spfalzdb_mysqli".

Also the code is released on github, just visit this url:

   | New release: db_oci8 1.1.0

This update adds PHP 7.2.x compatibility. In addition the class was restructured to be composer compatible and added to Therefore you can install it now via "composer require spfalz/db_oci8".

Finally the class code is now added to github (together with other Open Source components I've written in the past), the URL is

Please find additional hints in the file included in the archive.

   | New release: MySQLi class 0.2.7

This release contains some minor bug fixes.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: OCI8 class 1.08

This update fixes some minor bugs and adds compatibility to PHP 7.1.x.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: MySQLi class 0.2.5

This update adds support for bind variables, which should eliminate SQL injections.

Also updated example scripts are added and the class code got some bugfixes.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: OIS 2.03

After a long time finally a new update of OIS has arrived. Added features are:

- Processes plugin allows to kill sessions
- DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs can be enabled or disabled from within OIS
- Automatic parsing of TNSNames.ora file, avoiding the need to configure first the TNS names to use (still supported)
- OIS runs now without a configuration file at all
- Flashback plugin now supports purging of system recycle bin, also single objects inside the user recycle bins can be undropped or purged
- Added full logging to textfile
- New plugin "SQL Monitor" displays queries currently processed by the Database, allowing to track workload.

Download as usual inside the download section.

   | New Release: MySQLi class 0.1.3

This class is meant as replacement for my old mysqldb class.
As the PHP devs decided to drop the "mysql" extension in favour of the improved mysql extension "mysqli" it was necessary to write a 100% compatible replacement using the mysqli extension.
The README describes how to replace the classes, normally you only have to change the constructor, everything else should work without any modification.
My old class is now end-of-life and won't be updated anymore, further updates will be added only to this new class.

   | New Release: Oracle Class 1.05

This release fixes some minor bugs.

Download as usual in the download section.

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