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Dateiname: askiireq.lha (32,484 bytes)
Veröffentlicht: 07. Juni 1995, 9,216 downloads
Kategorie: AmigaOS (68k)

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Short:    Request-Door for Amiex & Fame BBS V1.00
Author:   siegel@deadline.snafu.de (Sascha Pfalz)
Uploader: siegel@deadline.snafu.de (Sascha Pfalz)
Type:     comm/amiex
Version:  1.00

This Request-Door allows users to request their ansis from selectable
Users of your BBS. Useful if you have an ASCII/ANSI-Group in your BBS
and wants to give them many work :) and your Users a possibility to
ask for some pictures...


- freely Sysop-configurable Style of Program, nothing is hardcoded.
- Creates a Bulletin containing all Requests (configurable)
- Allows Pseudo-EALLs to the artists.
- Creates for every artist an own Database for storing the requests.
- Runs under Amiex V3.++ & FAME BBS Systems.