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Dateiname: trsi-ftpd01.lha (176,309 bytes)
Veröffentlicht: 24. April 2004, 9,313 downloads
Kategorie: AmigaOS (68k)

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Short:    FAME-FTPd - FTP Server for FAME Systems
Uploader: siegel@trsi.org (Sascha Pfalz)
Author:   siegel@trsi.org (Sascha Pfalz)
Type:     comm/misc
Version:  0.1
Requires: Kickstart V3.x, FAME BBS, TCP/IP stack

FAME-FTPd is an integrated FTP Server for FAME BBS. 
It supports FXP transfers, is fully RFC 959 aware and
comes with full sourcecode included.

It is of course freeware.