Some informations about F.A.M.E.

F.A.M.E. (Final Amiga Mailbox Engine) is a BBS System developed for Amiga computers.

It was developed in 1994 by David 'Strider' Wettig and steadily updated until 2001.

FAME requires at least a 68020 CPU with AmigaOS V2.04 or higher and at least 2MB of memory.

As FAME supports Amiex- and Paradoors you can use besides the FAME native doors
a big pool of other BBS doors, so you can configure FAME to your own private wishes.

As the development of F.A.M.E. was stopped in 2002 David Wettig decided to release a free release version which you
can download HERE.

I also want to make clear that I'm NOT (!) the programmer of FAME, I've developed only tools
and helped David Wettig in the past to manage his registrations, that's all.

There are still a lot of doors available for FAME. So either check out my download section or visit the Aminet to see a list of FAME doors.

WARNING: If you are using the latest FAME Version (v2.8) please immediatly disable or remove my MUI User-Editor, as it is not capable to use the FAME config mechanism that was introduced in the 2.x series of FAME. If you are using it anyway, chances are very high that you will destroy your!

In case of already broken you can try to repair them by using a tool (uDataRepair) that I have written and made available in the Download section.
But please only use this tool if you have users in your file that have an usernumber of 0 and make sure that you have READ the docs before using it!